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Easily connect to the latest devices, thanks to next-generation USB-C ports. Add extra monitors, and get high-definition 4K screen resolution. Integrated power means people can stay up and running, wherever they are. And you don’t have to compromise on your legacy kit either, thanks to the next-generation docks’ backwards compatibility feature.

Enable true hot desking.

If you’re among the 70% of organisations that plan to support progressive flexible working practices such as hot desking and collaboration zones by 2018*, talk to Targus about our Universal Docking solutions.

Expand collaboration zones.

They’re a simple and cost-effective way to extend the life of your legacy devices, increase ROI and embrace innovation to build a productive and device agnostic new era workspace

Simplify tech support.

With Targus Universal Docking Stations, you get the widest device compatibility in the industry – so employees can hook up their laptop, phone or tablet with meeting room and desktop peripherals quickly and with ease.

Smart workspace strategies start here

Connect any device

Hook up your laptop, tablet or phone to your desk peripherals with a single Targus Universal Docking Station

Add more screens

Boost productivity by 50% by giving users two monitors or a large split screen

Charge any device

Built-in power delivery means users don’t have to worry about carrying extra chargers

Staffordshire County Council Case Study

Our docking stations allow for a flexibility for every workforce, regardless of your environment or hardware. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what the Staffordshire County Council had to say…

Staffordshire County Council Case Study