Turn your WiFi network into a revenue generating tool

Purple is a cloud-based platform (SaaS) that focuses on turning WiFi networks into revenue generation tools for businesses through social media integration, intuitive analytics and profile-based remarketing.

With our software enabled over an existing WiFi network, businesses can access rich WiFi analytics (via a captive login portal) to help them build detailed customer profiles and understand how customers move around their venue. Our platform collects real-time customer data including key demographics, contact information, location, dwell, frequency of visits and more. The data can be viewed and analysed from a centralised reporting dashboard within the Purple portal.

Our portal provides marketing tools which enable businesses to take meaningful action based on the data collected; creating and delivering (via email and SMS) efficient campaigns proven to drive revenue and increase customer retention.

Businesses can fully customise their WiFi login screens and online/ offline splash pages to include specific branding, advertising and promotions.

To find out more speak to your account manager, alternatively email sales@ukcs.co.uk or call 01604 670998