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For more than a decade, Origin Storage has worked to earn its place as a trusted and established provider to the IT industry's leading resellers. Our knowledge and configuration tools together with a team of trusted advisers helps our clients to add value to their own solutions; without invalidating OEM warranties.

Enterprise SSD Solution

Storage has always been a central focus for us and we aim to take the stress out of providing enterprise-level upgrades without invalidating manufacturer warranties.

Product Selector

Our easy-to-use product selector allows users to find compatible items by system or keyword. We believe that finding the right solutions should be quick and painless.

Configuration Service

Upgrades just became easier. Origin's configuration service uses a purpose-built facility to oversee upgrades with 100% compatibility.


Origin provides high quality matched memory solutions for laptops, desktops, and servers. All memory is tested and 100% compatible and like all of our products, doesn't affect OEM warranties.

For further information please speak to your Account Manager or email or call 01604 670998