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IT innovation drives revenue among companies of every size, and industry leaders are repositioning IT to play a much bigger role in their organizations. At Dell Technologies, transforming your IT department into a profit center is no longer a fantasy, we can help you make it real.

Dell Technologies helps you modernize your infrastructure and platforms to increase efficiency and simplify management. We enable true automation and orchestration of service delivery, increasing speed and lowering risk. We also help you transform key operations, processes and culture to ensure your IT transformation is a success.

From planning to deployment and support services, Dell Technologies helps you harness the immense value of your IT resources, and works with you to direct that value right back into your business in ways that change the game.

Real-world Results

Regardless of how transformed your IT organization is today, it’s vital for you to understand what other companies, leaders and laggards alike, are (or are not) prioritizing, and what results they’ve seen. Those insights will help you home in on where to focus the first or next step on your own IT Transformation journey.

You will discover that, done right, technology modernization and automation, combined with proper organizational dynamics, bring tremendously positive outcomes

Modernized data center technologies — Transformed organizations take steps such as virtualizing their servers. They use All-Flash storage where appropriate. They run a considerable portion of their workloads using scale-out and converged or hyper-converged infrastructure platforms. They commit to a software-defined approach for networking and storage. And they adhere to a comprehensive and well-tested data protection strategy with the best-available backup, deduplication, and archiving tools at its foundation.

Automated IT processes — Transformed organizations automate their environments to help them deliver IT as a service in a cloud-like model for cost transparency, efficiency, and responsiveness. They incorporate automation to support server change configuration and storage provisioning. And they offer self-service capabilities so end-users can order and manage on-premises resources as needed.

Transformed organizational dynamics — Transformed organizations believe in tight business and IT alignment, and business units regularly inspect IT outcomes for effectiveness. The IT organization’s executives almost always report directly to the C-suite leadership team, making it easier for IT to contribute to business strategy. Transformed organizations also often adopt DevOps principles and methodologies

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